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X800 Protective Goggles

This is a clone of the Bolle X800 goggles and while the ballistic resistance probably doesn’t match the original they are just perfect for airsofting. I was shot directly in the eye by a sniper from about 7m while walking to the deadzone. There isn’t even a scratch on the lens. For the small price of about £20 these specs are a true bargain. I used them for about 16 hours over one weekend and they do not show any wear and tear at all and protected me at all times.

In the bag you get the frame which is made from polymer and a very soft and comfortable rubber plus three lenses. The lens change is easy with just some difficulties getting them out, but even when bent and twisted they showed no signs of cracking or breaking. I did get fogged up quiet a bit but mainly because I was sweating like a pig. Once fogged up they only take a minute to dry on their own, but are super easy to wipe clean with your gloved finger. I wiped them many times inside and out with my gloves on and they don’t have one scratch. I wore them comfortably with my helmet all day and never had any problems.

Original Bolle X800's

Original Bolle X800

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I can not stress this enough, go and buy these! You wont be disappointed for a second.

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