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WE M9A1 All new slide and internals

WE Tech have gone all out on the new M9 series! Below Im going to go through all the updates and comparison to the current M9 generation 2.
Explanation of all the new parts
The new upper consists of all new aluminium cnc slide with removable front and rear iron sights, separate extractor and pin, simulation burst knob, simulated ejector, simulated firing pin,  updated selector leaver, all new hop up unit, new arc type hop rubber and an aluminium inner barrel!
we tech m9 gen 3 slide
This is the slide and parts of the gen 2 M9 long, which is not even in the same league of the next gen M9A1.
Here you can see in the back the rear removable iron sight, reinforced selector leaver, the extractor and pin. In the front the simulated burst knob with ejector and the simulated firing pin.
M9 2
In this image we are looking at the completely new design of the nozzle spring and guide block.
we tech m9 gen 3 firing pin
Finally the hop up unit has been updated to to incorporate a dial which is located at the bottom. This eliminates the need for taking the barrel unit out of the slide and makes adjustments easy as! Previously the hop up adjustment was located on the top of the hop up unit which meant to you had to take the inner barrel out of the outer and on top you could only adjust the hop with a tiny phillips screwdriver.

we tech m9 gen 3 hop up adjust
The quality of the new slide and the removable front sight is really a big step forward for the WE M9. Note that the slide is unfinished and the sight is black, which it will be on the black model but will match the silver slide in colour on release.
we tech m9 gen 3 front sight
WE Techs new aluminium used for the slide and parts is definitely much better quality as you cab see by the clean edges and details of the cnc machining.
we tech m9 gen 3 rear sight
With the sights being removable you can finally upgrade with aftermarket parts auch as night sights or real steel parts.
we tech m9 gen 3 selector
The hopup unit is a all new design with a steel insert holing the new hop up rubber firmly in place, which is specially designed to withstand the force of full auto and three round burst shooting functions.
we tech m9 gen 3 hop rubber
Last but not least we are looking at the arc type hop rubber, that will give exceptional increase in stability and range combined with the new hop adjuster over past generation M9’s.
we tech m9 gen 3 arc hop

Demo of the slide in action.