TMC Neoprene half face mask Protective gear

TMC Neoprene MultiCam mask

This was a purchase to complete my multicam loadout, but unfortunately it was impossible to wear. I have a small head 57cm, and this mask is clearly intended for larger heads, but even with a larger head it is still uncomfortable to wear, as I let a few guys try it and they all complained.

The head strap needs to be located diagonally to your mouth so on top of the back of your head. Once its in place two straps allow for adjustment, which needs to be tight in order to stay in place and provide the protection it sets out to do.
I tried to wear the mask with a base helmet and my x800 goggles, but couldn’t get the goggles to stay in place. Even without helmet these type of goggles wont work with this mask. You can use low profile glasses only with this mask, like Revision Exoshield glasses or regular shooting glasses.
When the straps are pulled back the internal pad that sit on the nose bridge just isn’t adequate! Its uncomfortable to the point of being painful. I guess its the reason why TMC have removed the product from their website. That being said, the quality of the mask is excellent at the price of £20 and really the only one on the market.

The materials are of very high quality as is the level of fabrication. The camo material is real Cordura 1000D multicam, and the hard foam has very tough core  yet its soft on the surface with elevated pads, but not elevated enough. The clips look, feel and function very well as do the elastic retention straps connecting the head strap and pad.

Its just a shame I couldn’t wear and tear it and it will be a return.

TMC Chops for MICH helmet



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Big disappointment from TMC but they have learned from their mistakes and removed the product and may even be working on a new one. Lets see and wait because their work is very affordable and the qualitative materials are very appealing.

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