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Tokyo Marui DEVGRU Custom HK416D

TM have reproduced the next generation electric gun as “DEVGRU custom” , a custom Assault Carbine the U.S. Navy Special Forces SEAL team 6 “DEVGRU” uses. 
Making use of the versatile HK416D platform  to set up a variety of parts, such as SOCOM backup site and silencer. They have successfully reproduced one of the weapons the Seal Team 6 deploys on their missions.

“Key features”

  • Shoot and recoil engine: intense recoil weight that mimics the bolt at the same time as the fire by pulling a trigger is activated, within the body its transmitted to the whole body. In addition, its adopted the bolt lock system that stop the firing operating when the magazine is empty. It has become a model in pursuit of the reality of the operation and operability.
  • Muzzle options standard equipment: AAC type silencer is mounted on the AAC type Flash Hider. In addition, you can install a muzzle option of 14mm hand thread support if  the  flash hider is removed. ※ AAC type silencer can not attach without the AAC type Flash Hider.
  • Backup site is retractable: rear sight adjustable front sight that can be adjusted up and down, up and down left and right.
  • Custom parts to up the operability:  TD-type rifle grip. Position of Battle Fore grip and length of the stock can be adjusted to fit the size of the shooter. In addition, Battle foregrip has a removable panels for installing a flashlight switch.
  • Metals in various parts such as outer barrel and receiver, buffer tube, and Rias ring plate: for rigidity and a distinguished look. While adopting the full floating barrel rail hand guard does not interfere with the barrel, which gives the rigidity for heavy game use.
  • Reflected in the DEVGRU custom is the AMBI selector that can be operated by hand either left or right, such as opening and closing function of the trigger guard,these are some of the features of the HK416D
  • Pressed steel made magazine:  82 shot magazine capacity, with a pressed steel outer case made of real steel, matching the HK magazines type and size . ※ Its not compatible with standard aeg magazines.