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Zed-Adventures Mall Reading
The Mall has to be one of the coolest locations there are for airsoft games and zombie adventures. The site is located in the heart of Reading which is a total surprise. You’d think a massive Mall in a city centre would be redeveloped into some sort of luxury flats or demolished to make space for something more ‘useful’, but NO this is the skirmishers dream! It is massive and scary as hell! The amount of times I got lost in the endless corridors and stairwells was making me feel quiet uncomfortable. Imagine how creepy is it filled with a horde of realistic zombies accompanied by gunfire and the screams of the dying and un-dead! We started of the evening of Bob’s birthday shoot out in the basement safe-zone where you are briefed by super friendly and witty personnel who make the briefing as short and interesting as possible. Once briefed and your kit ready you have your guns chronographed and off you move upstairs into the main hall of the massive mall. Since this was a private game we were a small but excellent group of players from all levels of experience. The evening started at 1830 hours and went on till 2330h with a multitude of games and start up locations. This was by far the best indoor experience I’ve ever had and the skirmish was a perfect combination of fast paced games at 45 minutes each. Since all the people where there to celebrate Bobs birthday it was an excellent experience as everyone was taking their hits and got along so well. The marshals who also played, made a big difference and provided help for those who had never been to the site as its very easy to get lost in the maze of pitch black corridors and stair cases. Airsoft is a game based on honour and community which the game we had was all about. It makes such a huge difference if everyone is on the same level of camaraderie and sportsman ship. Overall it was immense fun and the adrenalin was pumping as you sneak through the ghostly darkness of this derelict but fully functional mall.  I can highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a hardcore close quarters experience of the next level.
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Final Thoughts

The Mall is a very special site, which I have come to love! I can't wait to go there again and experience a game with a truck load of players, and hopefully a zombie day too.

Overall Score 4.5

An absolute must for any CQB Fan!

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