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Stubble and Stache


Bettering Beards. Bettering Lives.

My name is Nicholas Karnaze and I’m a U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations (MARSOC) combat veteran. On July 24th of 2012, my good friend, Sergeant Justin Hansen, was killed while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. Justin and I served in the same special operations unit together. Following his death, I decided to grow my beard for his funeral…call it a tribute or a coping mechanism.  In doing so, I realized the need for effective beard care products…and men’s skincare in general. Soon, all my friends wanted to use what I created whenever they grew out their beards. That’s when I realized I had made something that all men could actually benefit from. So what started as a simple goal to make something for myself has transformed into the opportunity to make it for beard-growing men around the world. And so, stubble & ‘stache was born.