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RedLine Airsoft AirStock

RedLine Airsoft is a small company that produces parts for PolarStar systems. Recently they developed a ‘air through stock’ system for Polarstar modified rifles. There are a number of air through Co2/Hpa systems in paintball (APS RAM, Rap4, Tiberius Arms, Milsig) but Redline certainly is the first one to have developed one for Airsoft. Airsoft to Hpa conversions already exist such as the TNK Airsoft  system called Daytona kit, but theirs uses a remote hose connection like the PolarStar and requires quiet a bit of modificationThe Redline AirStock is the very best of gas propelled systems if you ask me as it uses a regulated high pressure air tank but with low output pressure, that fits with their mount directly on to the receiver and becomes the stock. The Redline system fits straight on to the latest gen VFC/ PolarStar rifles and requires only little modification for other manufacturers. RedLine’s AirStock is very close to a release with a  price of $275!

I cant wait to get my hands on this, as I’ve been preaching to APS for a long time to adapt their successful RAM air through system for the airsoft market. I just want to say thanks to the RedLine team for spending money and time for the R&D of this much needed upgrade for the Polarstar community.


Other Co2/Hpa systems on the market for paintball and airsoft.

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