Outwell Contour 1500 2 season bag

I bought this online a few weeks ago for use till the end of summer. Found a few problems that rectify a return so it will go back. The pictures have all the issues pros and cons listed. Overall a 3 out of 5 =) Cost is around £30 inc delivery.

Packed and uncompressed its rather large but easy to get out and back in thanks to the large bag.

Unwrapped the sleeping bag with detachable pillow is as big as a single sized airbed. The main reason I bought the size was because of the airbed I already had and forgot to take with me  So I had to sleep on a foam matt which was not ideal with this light sleeping bag.

High visibility zippers and air stop. The materials are soft and the lining doesn’t move around.

Completely uzipped this bag becomes a double sized duvet plus a pillow. It can even be attached to another contour 1500!? The pillow is rather flat but better than nothing.

This is the main issue I want to to return it for, it’s that gap which can not be closed. Even with a airstop behind it, the cold air gets in and through the large top opening you get a mini draft going through your pants.

As you can see in the picture,  the bag fills out almost 3 quarters of this 2 man tent so its very large.

This is as small as it will get is its new state in the last picture. After a few months of use you can probably compact it further without the risk of ripping the straps out.

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Final Thoughts

Overall a good summer sleeping bag with a pillow, and the choice to unfold and use as a cover.

Overall Score 3 3 star
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