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Night Evolution M600C

This is the NE M600c which is a Surefire M600 clone but only costs a fraction of the original. Is it worth it? I believe it is. This product does impress for the rather small price of £39.90 with good built quality a power full light plus all parts you need. I did have a setback when I accidentally ripped the pressure pads cable off, but that problem was solved by mounting it just in front of my vertical grip and operating it with the thumb. NE has a ton of great products and all the spare parts you need in case something breaks. Overall quality, spare parts availability and performance are worthy of the price.

Features: -180 lumen -U.S.A Cree light -2hr run time  uses 2x 123A battery -130m beam distance -Tactical mode

Pressure Switches: Momentary-on tape (7″ cable), momentary/constant-on push button

Mounting system: Integral c lamp for Picatinny rails

Construction: High-strength aerospace aluminium with anodizing; impact-resistant polymer. Weatherproof: O-ring and gasket sealed

Colours: Available in Black and Desert Sand (more of a bronze)

Surefire M600 Tan
SureFire M600

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Final Thoughts

This is a great surefire clone for anyone who doesn't have a couple of hundred quid left over for a light! Night Evolution have a fantastic range of products, and spare parts are readily available from licensed retailers.

Overall Score 5 5 star
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