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Multicam hydration carrier and 2.5l bladder

Bought this off Ebay (shop discount airsoft) for about £16 new. The price is unbeatable but it does reflect in the quality of the product. There are a few points to consider when buying this. The colour difference being one of the rather obvious examples, which is not as bad as the taste of the hydration bladder. Even after several washes it still tasted like horrid. Compared to my original camelbak for cycling which doesn’t have any nasty taste at all, this bladder certainly makes the contents taste like it came out of a human. Coming to the press studs they are of very low quality and poorly pressed.
As you can see in the pictures, the male part broke off and disappeared into the bag lining. I also had to cut a slit into the mouthpiece as there wasn’t one. If you buy the carrier its better to get a high quality bladder that wont make your mouth taste like tyres. There are some good points about this like the quality of the webbing material and stitching as well as the double layered molle straps and shoulder sling. Along with the price which is very affordable at around £16, as any equivalent cordura multicam pack would cost about 5 times that, its a good buy.

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I can recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cheap alternative to other multicam bladders with real cordura material. As I said above, the bladder is pretty crap but it comes with a hose cover which you can just remove and put on a better bladder.

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