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MFH Medic Utility pouch ‘multicam’

This could have been a good buy but it wasn’t. I though it could handle 4x 12g co2 a map and some plasters, but I was horribly wrong. It didn’t survive long enough to get dirty! First impression was: ‘did they bleach this thing or what?’ The colour is way off and the pattern isn’t exactly right either In no world can you call this multicam. The fact its advertised as being a 90 degree opening front flap is also wrong. Yes it will stay open 90 degrees if its empty, but as soon as you put so much of a paper clip in the front flap it goes down, like $5 hooker. Next thing after about 15 minutes of being attached on the front of my vest and opening it twice one of the zippers stopped closing. Now I had to close the pouch all the way with one zipper, causing everything to fall out once opened. Top product gotta say, they really created a masterpiece here. So far all the MFH gear I bought disappoints on many levels. At a price of £11 plus delivery this product is nothing but a waste of money.

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Can't recommend it under any circumstances. The poor quality seems to be an issue with quiet a few of their products and thats why I will stay away from their gear. Until I get some for reviewing that actually work and look right its a no go.

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