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KWA DMR by BlackOpsAirsoft

This DMR has been making the rounds now for a couple of days, and I thought I’ll give you my thoughts on it. The customer fist bought a KWA M16 which set him back around $290 then sent it to Black Ops Airsoft for a complete overhaul.

The parts that were changed or added to the gun are following (estimates):


High Torque gearset  $50

High Torque motor f$45

11.1v Lipo battery $25

Tight bore barrel $60

Hop up bucking  $15

M150 spring $15

Total $210


Magpul PTS UBR stock $265

Troy TRX Extreme $200

Surefire Suppressor $90

Scope with QD mount $80

Sniper pistol grip $30

Trigger guard $9

Foregrip  $15

Bipod $40

Total $720

Upgrades Total $930

Labour $300

Gun $290

Grand Total $1520

Now lets just marinate on that for a second, and see what alternatives you have to this rather ridiculous over spent.

You could buy the Kind Arms Blackwater DMR for around $350 and add the internal upgrades of  $210 plus the silencer, scope, bipod, grip and trigger guard for $234 plus the labour or $150 and got yourself a pretty sweet setup for Total of $940. Now thats a saving of $576 and a pretty good on I would say. So there you have it people, have a look around and always consider all your options before you spend your months wages or more on something you might be able to get for much less.