About KillTeam: ALPHA

KillTeam: ALPHA is a group of like-minded airsoft players based in the Lincolnshire area. Originally, we were just a group of friends who began our airsofting careers at Arena Airsoft, Grimsby. This is a fast-paced CQB site where confidence and reactions are key to succeeding. Each one of us began our careers at different points and some are more experienced than others, which is understandable.

We then went on (still as a group of friends, not an official unit) to venture woodland play, where we widened our playing capabilities and began working as more of a unit. We experienced our first woodland type environment at Lincolnshire Airsoft Club, which is the most friendly and helpful site we have encountered. They have ‘Lincolnshire Airsoft CLUB’ in their name for a reason, it feels much more like a club rather than a site which is just quite simply in it for the money.

As the weeks went on and the amount of times we had played together increased, we decided that we should step things up a level and become an official team. By doing so, we were committing ourselves to something much more than just a group of like-minded friends.

Since this point, we have decided to once more step it up another level and begin experiencing sites around the country, and not just locally based ones. For example, First and Only Airsoft’s Anzio Camp, Free Fire Zone’s Urban Assault, MAW and many more.

As a team we have much more experience and confidence in CQB/Urban play due to us growing around that sort of environment, and we all know for a fact that we have each others back’s covered at all times. Clearing buildings, breaching rooms and taking control of CQB type areas is what we strive upon. We believe ‘the more heated action, the better’.

Please be aware that we do not base ourselves upon any sort of military unit, and do not wish to do so. Some of our players may have similar type loadouts to a certain military unit, but that is not due to re-enactment, it is purely to suit their requirements and what they feel most comfortable within. However, one of our players is ex-military which benefits us as a unit due to his experiences and the training that he has encountered, so he can provide inside tips and tricks, but once again we do not replicate any form of military unit.

If you have any queries about us as a team, have any questions about a particular player or would like to contact us regarding sponsorship, please write to us in the ‘Contact Team’ section.

Thankyou for your interest.