MP5SD whole gun 2 edited Airsoft Reviews

ICS MP5SD5 Metal Review

Retailing at £200-£220 its already a pretty good price for a full metal AEG which includes 2 hi-capacity magazines. The stock and lower receiver are both made from industrial grade polymer; the hand guard is made of a rubberised plastic and is extremely comfortable to hold. The upper receiver and all the remaining externals are made from die cast aluminium, which gives the weapon a good weight and balance when you have a 9.6v 2200 mah battery in the solid stock. With a 9.6v 2200 mah battery the gun shoots at 10-13 rounds per second and at a steady 280FPS, which is perfect for CQB. The gun is just over an arm’s length and is fairly simple to manoeuvre in tight spaces. Internally the gun has steel gears and steel bushings, and ICS’ patented silvered switch assembly that means the gun was born to run on a 9.6v battery, the piston is made from a dense polymer and is very difficult to break through normal use. The motor is an ICS’ turbo 3000 giving a snappy trigger response and rate of fire. The barrel goes to the bottom of the ‘silencer’ giving the gun a good enough accuracy to manage just as well outdoors as it does indoors, this is helped by the decent HOP-up unit. The silencer is foam filled with a metal insert down the middle to keep your bbs from hitting the foam. Obtaining a rail mount for this weapon is insanely easy and can be purchased for around £15 from almost any good airsoft store. This adds an extra dimension to the gun as you can attach optics, lasers, torches and pretty much anything else you may want. Spare mags are also generally cheap and easy to source.
To sum up this gun:

  • Is great value for money
  • Performs well out of the box and needs little to no upgrading
  • Is manageable by everyone
  • Is easy to maintain

Overall Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The only downside about this gun is the lack of rail space on the front hand guard, but who needs rails when you have bucket loads of tape ;)

Overall Score 4

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