Harry Rendall [A-17]

Name: Harry Rendall
Age: 16
Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 154lb/70kg
Call Sign :A-17
Quote: ‘Be polite and professional to everyone you meet,but always have a plan to kill them’
Bio: Born in the heart of the great town Grimsby, I have been doing ‘softing for just over 3 years now. Started back when I was around 13, I began my career at my local CQB site Arena Airsoft. Just over a year passed and I experienced Lincolnshire Airsoft Club, which enticed me to proceed to different sites around the UK. Shortly after this, I joined KillTeam: ALPHA which has taught me many tactics and exercises throughout the time I have been here. Urban/CQB type surroundings are surroundings in which I am most comfortable in due to me beginning airsoft in a CQB environment. Clearing buildings, breaching rooms and heated action is what I love and have the most confidence in. When I began airsoft, I did many hobbies alongside it but it’s the only one I do now due to the pure enjoyment out of it. My main target is to give the team a greater and more respected name.



Defcon 5 Plate Carrier Tan
4x Bulle UMP Mag Pouches Tan
Defcon 5 Utility Pouch Tan
Defcon 5 Hydration Carrier Tan



Low Profile Black Earpiece
Tan Safety Mesh Goggles
Tan Bottum Face Mask



Genuine Issue Combat Trousers Multicam
Genuine Issue UBACS Shirt Multicam
LOWA Elite Combat Boots Desert Tan
1x KillTeam: ALPHA Patch
2x A-17 Call Signs




Lonex A2 High Torque Motor
Lonex 16:1 Gear Set
Lonex Blue Piston – Swiss Cheesed
Lonex Polycarbonate Piston Head
Lonex Ribbed Cylinder
Lonex Cylinder Head
Lonex Air Nozzle
Lonex M120 Spring
Lonex Spring Guide
Lonex Trigger Assembly
AOE Corrected
Extreme-Fire CHEETAH 2N Mosfet
Prometheus 6.03 275.5mm Barrel
R-Hop Modification
Element M500 Weapon Light
g&g umg custom

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