Emerson Gen 2 Tactical pants Clothing

Emerson Tactical Gen2 Trousers (MultiCam)

The Emerson Gen2’s are very comfortable and have many pockets and adjustment straps like its original Crye Precision counterpart. The multicam pattern and colour are almost perfect and work well with the UBACS under body armour top. I only had minor issues with my right knee pad getting caught and coming out of its pocket which was pretty easy to get back into even fully loaded and on the go.
The knee pads of the gen2 offered very good protection and were comfortable at all times. The only issue I’ve come across is the durability of the material (photos below). While it didn’t rip, there is plenty of visible wear, after 2 days of playing. The size is also a bit of an issue, which me being a 31 waist the 30-32 size I ordered was definitely on the small side and would advise to get a size larger when you order them. I will get a gen3 soon and compare the two looking at the exact details of fabrication and durability improvements. Overall 4 out of 5.

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I can recommend these pants to anyone who plays normal woodland. If you will be crawling through bushes and dirt like me, there is a good chance of damages occurring. The price of around £45 is reasonable for the quality and true multicam colour and pattern.

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