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BO Dynamics Precision Rifle Redwing MK18

Lone Survivor

On 28 June 2005, 4 operators of SEAL Team 10 failed in the Redwing operation to neutralize a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. This is because they had the moral dilemma to spare a child which would probably inform the Taliban once released. As they decide to spare the kid they soon  find themselves hunted by an enemy who out numbers and out powers them in every way. The operator who survived,  wrote “Lone Survivor” which Hollywood  adapted and will air in January 2014. BO Dynamics honours the team through the camos with 2 styles of the time.
  • – Velocity 350 FPS
  • – Cap mag. 300 rds
  • – 2845 weight
  • – Free Float RIS
  • – Full Metal Body
  • – Inner barrel length: 275mm
  • – Adjustable and removable Foregrip
  • – Over All Length: 696/777mm
  • – 8mm metal bearing gearbox
  • – Steel CQD sling swivel mount
  • – Reinforced steel teeth piston
  • – New Gen. Hop Up
  • – High Torque motor
  • – BO Dynamics gun case included