BO Dynamics M4 BAW (Blow-Back Adaptive Weapon) Supporter News

BO Dynamics M4 BAW (Blow-Back Adaptive Weapon) AEG



BO MANUFACTURE expands its range with a completely new weapon system, that was designed and built in corporation with Lonex.

With combined efforts they developed the new M4 BAW ( Blow-back Adaptive W eapon) platform. It is an AEG that offers similar recoil to that of a gas blow back rifle.


The internal and external parts are of the highest quality only! BO is very selective when it comes to choosing the parts for their high end airsoft weapons, which makes this gun a serious contender in the electric recoil market. There are many manufacturers that offer airsoft guns with recoil systems such as Marui’s Recoil Shock or G&G’s EBB but the amount of players disabling their blow blacks after a while is large. The reasons vary from battery saving to removing it because they simply don’t function properly depending on the quality of the gun and blow back mechanism.

Bo Manufacture and Lonex companies that produce top products, and the BAW could be the one gun that beats them all!

BO Dynamics M4 BAW (Blow-Back Adaptive Weapon)


– 350 Fps
– Flash Mag. 320 rds
– 300mm Steel Tight Bore Barrel 6,03mm
– High Speed & High Torque Motor
– Full Teeth Piston
– Enhanced Gear Box
– Performance Spring SP100
– Aluminum Cylinder Head
– Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide
– Anti Heat Electric Switch
– Anti-Heat Selector Plate
– Steel Trigger
– Steel Bearings
– Steel Cylinder
– Heat Resist Silver Wire
– Weight 3400 g

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