AAC SPR/M4 Accessories

AAC SPR/M4 and Blackout Flashhider

Great piece of kit! Instantly improves the weapon by moderating sound and stabilizing the bb’s trajectory with 5 adjustment to the POI (point of impact) through the M.I.T.R.E technology.

Its not cheap at around £100 but its worth every penny. The quality of the item is incredible and its not just some fake ass tube you stick on the end of your barrel. This thing works, just like the the real SPR with the patented mitre system. A beautiful licensed replica by Magpul PTS. After reading the 5.56 manual, I installed it shot a few rounds and I instantly fell in love this this piece of metal. Its made for the m4 and it looks  the part and works flawlessly.

After some test shooting at a torso from 15m I realized that in order to get the full effect of the mitre a greater distance was required. With the SPR set to 5 on the dial the range instantly increases by about 4-5 meters.

The only time you get spotted using this is if you are visible to the enemy. If you are looking for a functional piece of kit with outstanding quality and real engineering then the SPR with the Blackout is the one to get!
You can  read the 5.56 SPR/M4 manual here http://www.advanced-armament.com/assets/images/pdf/manuals/aac_manual_spr-m4.pdf

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